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Il fai da me

Nè Arte Nè Parte

"L'arte non riproduce ciò che è visibile, ma rende visibile ciò che non sempre lo è."

My services

I offer great services to my clients.

Sleek & Beautiful

Product Design

Ideas come to me without thinking too much, I see something new as I walk and I re-elaborate it at my pleasure, I read a book and jump ideas into my mind. I like creating and distorting the existing one.

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The Dexterity

The dexterity is something innate, or you have it or you have trouble finding it. Thanking me I was born with a good dexterity and a great desire to do, invent, recreate. I really like working and building new things.

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Responsive designs

All my works are made with partly recycled material or bought in second-hand shops. I prefer the recovery of old objects, compared to buying new things.

Featured portfolio project

My most popular work

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Bailyes Bottle

Sipping some good Bailyes and thinking about how to turn a bottle into a resting lamp while watching a bit of TV

Sleek & Beautiful

Lighting for my Bar Cabinet

Excellent lighting for my bar cabinet. It is precisely indicated for the position and the role

Sleek & Beautiful

Love Bugs

An excellent lamp to illuminate a small environment, but full of love

Sleek & Beautiful

Irish Pub

A soft light in a trendy Irish pub.